Why Bardun? Employed Professional Edition

26 June 2020

The Why Bardun? series of posts showcase some ways in which our users use Bardun. This first post is about Professionals employed in small to large companies.

Business and Personal contacts

Nowadays our work and personal lives have become intertwined in many ways. With technological revolutions like laptops and smartphones we often connect to work when at home. Practices like BYOD allow using of your own personal owned device for work purposes.

Many Bardun users prefer using Bardun as their professional work contacts. The default device contacts app stores only personal contacts. It becomes way harder to butt-dial your boss when the contact details are stored in Bardun.

Recording quick action items, or meeting notes also becomes a breeze with the integrated Notes functionality. Want to capture thoughts for your next 1:1 … that’s easy.

Being a personal and private application, you can also express your thoughts and emotions more freely. Many company devices have some sort of spyware installed as work-from-home has become more prevalent because of Covid-19. Work does get stressful and interactions with co-workers are complicated at times. I regularly use Bardun to capture my emotions - positive and negative - at work and even that small gesture does have a calming effect.

Contacts across multiple companies

How we work has radically changed over the last few decades. Employees would work for a single company for their entire career. That model has changed drastically and now stints are usually 2-4 years long. Founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman, in his book the start-up of YOU has written about these transformations and how you can further your career in this new age.

A big driver for creating Bardun was to be able to maintain relationships from previous jobs. Most industries are tightly knit and often you refer co-workers from previous companies or even meet them by chance. Curating a list of contacts and maintaining relationships is extremely rewarding. Connections have compounding effects like how the Paypal or Fairchild employees went on to build many great companies and businesses.

Just having someone’s email address in your contact book does not make that a special connection. Beyond that contact entry are the notes that make you value interactions with that person. Memories blur after some time. Capturing the essence of an interaction with someone is what makes a contact more meaningful. Bonus points since it also makes it easy to identify negative individuals.

Getting started with Contacts

Contacts can be created in Bardun in multiple ways. You can manually create contacts which are private and not shared with your device contact. However many users prefer automatically import existing contacts, either from your device or Google .