Why Bardun? Personal Notes Edition

10 August 2020

Let’s explore how Bardun is used for taking Personal notes.

Become Self aware

Daily life is busy, chaotic and sometimes stressful. As we go about getting things done, there are many moments in the day which have big impact. Keeping track of various events in a day is a great way to understand how we are achieving our goals, but it also helps understand our emotions - what and who affects us in a negative and positive way.

Keeping a personal journal, a daily in-depth analysis and evaluation of your experiences is a high-leverage activity that increases self-awareness and enhances all the endowments and the synergy among them -  Stephen R. Covey

A whole range of benefits and how to follow the practice of a personal journaling are just one search away.

Bardun for Personal Notes

There are quite a few good ways for making a personal journal. The simplest form is actually maintaining a paper diary. Use a pen to make notes.

There are also good options for apps on phones or computers. Apps are great since you can add photos, search, tag locations, etc. Technology does have multiple advantages. However they miss one crucial aspect of Journal taking; contacts.

Bardun is a great fit for simpler daily journaling-

  • Integrates notes and contacts together. Emotions are usually in the context of actions with other Contacts. Sometimes professional or sometimes personal.
  • Provides features for journaling like photos, dates, freeform notes.
  • Protects your privacy with Phone FaceId.

Making an adhoc journal or notes of important moments in life in Bardun has been a great way to become self-aware and focused, which in-turn leads to better outcomes and success.

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