Spot the difference

08 July 2020

Well spotting the difference between the left and the right screenshot of Bardun is not that challenging.

The left side shows a few small changes that we’ve rolled out over the past month.

  • Emails, Addresses and Phones are now clickable. Emails open the email app to compose an email, Addresses open in the maps app and the Phones will prompt for a call.
  • All the contact fields are now searchable. Search for multiple terms is now possible.
  • Additional actions are now available on Contacts - View Notes and Archive
  • View Notes make it easier to search all notes for a single contact
  • Archive contacts help you hide contacts. This is especially useful for imported contacts. If you delete a contact, it can get re-imported and appear on your list again. Archival will hide the contact.
  • To undo an Archive, you can UnArchive as well. You need to search for these contacts by typing :archive in the Contacts search field.

Small changes.. with a big impact.