08 February 2021

We’re excited to announce the latest major feature in Bardun - Relationships between Contacts.

Often you would like to add a co-workers’ spouse or any other relative as a contact. Searching for the new contact later becomes complicated since you forget the context. Now you can link both contacts based on the relationship between them. Much simpler to find out who is a relative of a contact you’re thinking about.


A contact view shows a new section called Relationship. John and Anna are related as Husband and Wife, and you can navigate across the contacts.


Relationships in Bardun are listed in Settings. The screenshot above shows some of the default relationships. You can add, remove or edit these to suit your needs.

We strongly believe in diversity of relationships. We chose to make Relationships have two parts and hence adding every combination of Husband-Husband, Wife-Wife, and even others like Girlfriend-Girlfriend would increase the total number of relationships by a lot.

I am an Indian and we have different names for relationships. An uncle can be a Chacha, Kaka, Taya, Tau, Mama based on whether he is from the Father’s or Mother’s side and even age compared to the parent!

English does not capture the rich cultural depth and diversity of all the possible relationships. That’s why we built an open extensible system so that you can make it your own.