Designed for Privacy

29 June 2019

Here at Bardun, we design our app to safeguard and protect your privacy.

Like Apple, we’re committed to keeping your personal information safe.

Bardun design

Here are some of the ways Bardun protects your information

Permission based Data access

Bardun can optionally import contacts, set profile photos or be used with voice recognition. As a consumer you choose if you want to use the functionality. Bardun can still be used without requiring access to such personal data.

Local storage only

Data that you generate like Notes, Contacts (manually entered or imported), Photos are all stored on your device only. These are not uploaded to a server where we can read them. This is some of the most sensitive data on your device and since it is not shared over the internet, it is physically safe with your phone.

If you opt-in to Face Id or Touch Id integration, you have another layer of security.

Analytics from Apple

We build on secure and privacy aware tooling by Apple itself. Analytics from Apple gives us limited data which does not identity you in any way. Since we do not use other tracking identifiers in our App we cannot and do not co-relate your actions by other means.

Privacy is expensive

Designing for privacy is expensive. It is easier to build tools that siphon data to servers and then show ads or even sell private data. One example of how other apps design to intrude on your privacy and sell your information is by forcing signup and kogin although they do not provide any features that need a login.

We’re working hard on building your trust and are in this for the long term. All of our features will be designed so that we can ensure your privacy.