Improved Relationships with Patients - An Interview With Dr Li

03 February 2019

Dr Li practices medicine in China. As the chief physician, he needs to meet new patients daily while also keeping track of the current ones.

On a typical morning for appointments, Dr Li will receive more than 100 patients in 5 hours. This gives an average of less than 3 minutes per patient.

“I would like to add a personal touch when interacting with my patients” Dr Li said, “remembering their daughter’s school for example. After all, my patients waited for hours only to spend minutes with me. I want to try my best to make them happy and satisfied.”

I would like to add a personal touch to when interacting with my patients - Dr Li

Making others feel important by adding a personal touch has proved to be very effective in Dr Li’s work. “You have no idea how much a little kindness can do, especially when people are going through a difficult time.” he commented with a smile.

However, such a thing is becoming harder and harder for him. Dr Li currently has some 5000 active patients. And the list is growing longer.

No wonder Dr Li was very excited when Bardun was introduced to him.

“So like a cheat sheet I keep to remind me of my patients?”

Well much more than that. Bardun allows an auto import of phone book contacts. Afterwards you can add/edit/delete notes as well as contacts. A note is linked to a contact by adding mentions in the note. Search notes by contact or keywords is very handy when there are many notes.

Dr Li downloaded the App and imported all his contacts in seconds. The simple UI design makes the App easy to familiarize with. Within a minute Li had already finished putting down his very first note - “@chen kids are now in college”

“Cool! Now at least I will remember this!”

What finally made him sold on Bardun is its privacy features. Notes stored in Bardun are private, safe and secure, in the sense that they are never shared to anyone or uploaded anywhere.

“Yeah, privacy and security is essential to me. Because, you know, personal information history is very sensitive.” He commented, “this is also the reason why I haven’t been using any note taking App. For some reason the ones I tried failed to make me feel safe one way or another.”

Dr Li started to use Bardun for his very next appointment day. While his students helped him with the official paperwork, he put down personal notes about each patient’s visit. The contents of the notes vary from interesting things to remember, to future appointment dates as well as questions to ask for the patient’s next visit.

“This is great. I feel a heavy burden has been lifted.” Dr Li smiled with relief after his appointments were done, “I can concentrate even more on treatment solutions now. Just leave the rest to Bardun.”